A Message From Our Leaders

"Comcast is built on entrepreneurialism, innovation and integrity, where people are passionate about our customers and about achieving success together."

Ralph Roberts
Founder of Comcast

Innovation is a word we see and hear everywhere today, but long before it was a buzzword, it was Ralph’s word. Innovation is part of our legacy, and it is a cornerstone of the core values on which our company was founded in 1963.    

Across Comcast NBCUniversal, diversity and inclusion bring us together and tie us directly to our customers and audiences. We innovate on their behalf, and we do so because they are our friends, our families, and our neighbors.

Diversity and inclusion are essential to innovation, and are possible because of the incredible people we have working at Comcast NBCUniversal. We know that great ideas — ones that will truly anticipate our customers’ desires and inspire our audiences — are most enlightened when there is collaboration among people with different viewpoints in a business environment that consistently makes everyone feel that their voice is heard. This is how we’ve been successful throughout our company’s history, and we know it will be our competitive advantage in the future.

When our company reflects our customers and communities, amazing things happen. We create opportunities for minority-owned, women-owned, and other diverse businesses, and we invest in job creation through our support of minority entrepreneurs. We also invest in programs and organizations that strengthen our communities, in order to build our next generation of leaders.

We work towards serving our customers in new ways every day. We want to ensure that all people see themselves in the rich content we offer across multiple platforms, and in our diversity in front of, and behind, the camera. We do this because our customers fuel our innovation. And when we, through content and technology, connect directly with the communities and audiences we serve, everyone benefits.

This year marks the five-year anniversary of our voluntary diversity commitments stemming from the NBCUniversal transaction. Along with this milestone, we are celebrating the fact that entrepreneurialism, passion, diversity, and inclusion have always been — and will always be — the foundation for our innovation.

Brian L. Roberts

Brian L. Roberts
Chairman and CEO
Comcast Corporation

David L. Cohen

David L. Cohen
Senior Executive Vice President
and Chief Diversity Officer
Comcast Corporation

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